Empowering Non-Technical

Learn how no-code can help you build software, launch new products and automate your business without writing a line of code.

What is No-Code

The Power of No-Code

Platforms like Twitter, Airbnb and YouTube can now be replicated in a matter of weeks without hiring expensive developers or learning how to code.

What is No-Code?

Our founder breaks down what no-code is and why it's completely disrupting early stage entrepreneurship and product development.

"Most importantly, founders can now build a successful startup with a fraction of the cost and time.

"While our competitors found it extremely difficult to change direction with traditional coding, we were able to test features in hours and immediately pivot."

"The technical skill required to create digital technology has dramatically decreased"

Meet The No-Code Startup

Our program combines the curriculum, support and coaching of a startup accelerator with the hard skills of a product school.

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No-Code for All

Our mission is to empower the next generation for digital creators by breaking the code barrier. All stages, all ages and all skill levels.

No-Code for founders.

You no longer need to look for a technical co-founder or hire an expensive development agency to get started. Our no-code accelerator provides a practical step-by-step way for founders to go from idea to revenue.

No technical skills required.
No need to fundraise to get started.
No startup experience or MBA required.

No-Code for the

Building your ideal side business no longer has to be an office daydream. Make your entrepreneurial journey a smooth transition without risking your stability.

No need to quit your corporate 9 to 5.
No startup experience required.
Step-by-step guidance to getting started.

No-Code for organizations.

Your business will only be a successful as the sum of its parts. We help onboard, reskill and upskill your employees seemlessly to positively grow your bottom line.

Automate your workflows.
Reduce development budget.
Increase employee productivity.

Case Studies

Entrepreneurs and creators have been using no-code to build their dream businesses. What are you going to build with the power of no-code?

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Bootstrapping to $5M in annual revenue with no-code tools. Nuage Stays is a startup that rents fully serviced loft and apartment spaces to travelers.

Nadim El-Asmar, COO

No-CodeTools Used

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From corporate job to $20K in monthly recurring revenue in 12 months. Scribly.io is a content marketing platform with a twist.

Dani Mancini, CEO

No-CodeTools Used

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Bootstrapped from idea to 35'000 users in 18 months using no-coding tools. Size.ly is a e-commerce tool that helps sellers visualize sizing to boost sales and reduce returns.

Eddy Wi, CEO

No-CodeTools Used

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Building the Airbnb for boat docking. In 18 months Jonathan went from idea to 150 boats docked and 13,000 users. From corporate employee to Bubble no-coder in 3 months.

Jonathan Timianko, CEO

No-Code Tools Used