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WeAreNoCode is an online institute for founders of the future.
We provide the skills, connections and support to build your next business with no-code.
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No-Code Academy

WeAreNoCode Academy

Our academy is a DIY learning platform and community for idea-stage entrepreneurs to test and launch their next business idea with no-code.
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The No-Code Startup

The No-Code Startup

Our no-code accelerator is a hands-on program with coaching and private video support to build your MVP and fast-track your startup with experienced mentors.
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Sukesh Shekar

Such amazing coaches.

The unlock I feel here is not only feeling empowered with no-code development, but also finding a community of folks who are bootstrapping. It's very hard to find early-stage entrepreneurs and such amazing coaches.

Sukesh Shekar

WeAreNoCode Student
"As non-technical founders we were able to build and launch in only two weeks. Amazing support and so many free resources to build our business".
Leslie Strauss
Leslie Strauss
Co-Founder at Crewtify
"In just a few short months I feel completely comfortable in the world of fundraising and am fully funded, when only a short while ago I saw that as nothing but a dream".
Frank Eybsen
Frank Eybsen
Founder at Buildlane
"The program is very well structured, and the community, incredibly supportive. It made launching so much easier and I now have paying customers".
Gavin St Georges
Gavin St Georges
CEO at Seps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is No-Code?

No-code, or visual programming is an innovative new way of building software (apps, web-apps and websites) without writing code or understanding coding language. It's also a movement led by a new suite of tools that allow non-techies to build software using visual drag-and-drop elements and create logic in plain English. Think of it like a PowerPoint for app building. It’s much more user-friendly and can be learned in months instead of years. Perfect for non-technical entrepreneurs.

Is WeAreNoCode a No-Code tool?

No, WeAreNoCode is an online school for non-technical entrepreneurs. We teach actionable startup methodology and how to build and launch websites and apps with no-code. Our mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in an increasingly digital era.

What is the difference between the Academy and the Accelerator?

The Academy is a DIY (do-it-yourself) learning platform and community that provides everything you need to launch your next business as a non-techie. No-Code courses, community events, and a limited discount package. The No-Code Startup is a hands-on accelerator with coaching and mentorship to fast-track your journey with a group of other ambitious founders. It provides each founder with a private video support channel and a $300K discount package. Learn more about each program in the top bar.

I'm really not technical. Is this for me?

That's fine. We've helped founders at all levels and know how to get you your first AHA moment quickly. There are tools adapted to each level, and we are here to support you along the way. Remember that the goal is not to become your own Chief Technology Officer, it's to be self-reliant and able to build your first product and get things off the ground. After all, every new business requires a website or app, so it's time to level up and become a founder of the future.