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Build, launch and grow your tech startup without writing a line of code

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We empower non-technical startup founders.

No Technical Skills Needed

No Investors

No Experience

The No-Code Startup

The No-Code Startup is an online program for non-technical founders to go from idea to revenue in 3 months for under $1,000.

The Best Of Two Worlds

Our program combines the curriculum, support and coaching from a startup accelerator mix with the hands on learning from a product school.


+ NoCode Lessons

No-Code Workshops

Our click-by-click workshops will teach you a curated list of the most powerful no-code tools and how to leverage them to build you first product, MVP and beyond. Whether you are building an app like Uber, a marketplace like Airbnb or a tool like Slack, you can build it with no-code.


+ Strategy Lessons

Accelerator Modules

Our step-by-step video accelerator will show you exactly how to build the right product and attract your ideal customers. We will then prepare you for investors, accelerators and growth.

Live Mentorship

Weekly Startup Coaching

Our live mentorship sessions will provide you with the support and accountability needed to keep you on track every step of the way. Your progress is our success metric.

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Member Perks

Enjoy over $60,000 worth of discounts for over 120 different services.



Discount & Benefit


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Meet Your Instructors

Our combined experience building no-code products, launching and selling startups and managing accelerators will elevate you to a new level. We are also fluent in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Hi, I'm Christian Peverelli

Co-Founder & CEO

I'm a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist with over 12 years experience building startups, running accelerators and consulting for fortune 500 companies and celebrities. As a trainer, I served as the co-director of a startup program that has helped over 100 startups go on to raise over 40M in funding and get into accelerators like Techstars, YCombinator and 500 Startups. I'm also a specialist in no-code and workflow automations.

Hi, I'm Eddy Widerker

Co-Founder & CTO

I'm a no-code development expert, data strategist and advertising executive. I've managed million dollar marketing plans for fortune 100 companies and have mentored startups on topics like machine learning, agile product development and no-code. I'm also the founder of several no-code startups, the latest is Sizely. It's currently fully automated and generates over 10k in MRR with over 35,000 users.

Our Process

We prepare startups for accelerators, investment and revenue growth.


Market Validation

We help you unveil your market opportunity and test buyer demand without spending a cent.


MVP Building

You will learn how to build powerful software products with the power of No-Code and track how customers are using it.


Revenue Generation

We will teach you how to get your first paying customers through free and paid traffic.


Funding / Growth

We help founders raise capital, get into accelerators and focus on revenue growth.

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Program Curriculum

Our step-by-step methodology will guide you every step of the way.


Welcome Module

Congratulations and Welcome

The Founders Mindset

Building For Your Customers

Why Startups Fail

What Investors And Accelerators Want

Three Startup Paths

Startup Basics

Before No-Code Building


Customer Discovery & Development

The Opportunity Explained

The Rules Of Customer Interviews

Writing Your Questionnaire

Choosing Your Customer Segment

How To Reach Your Target Customers

Writing Your Outreach Message

LinkedIn Outreach 101

Conducting Interviews

How To Take Interview Notes

Analyzing Interview Results

Module Conclusion


Branding & Content

Introduction to Branding and Content

The Value Proposition

Content Layout

Crafting Your Copy - Part 1

Crafting Your Copy - Part 2

Crafting Your Copy - Part 3

Choosing A Color Palette

Crafting A Logo

Finding Beautiful Icons

Choosing Illustrations and Photography

Module Conclusion


Building Your First Product

Introduction to Eddy

Building With No-Code

The Tools & Why

Templates & Cloning

Layout Overview

Box Structure & Element Hierarchy

Element Basics

Styling Basics

Review Your Deliverables

Building Your Product Structure

Adding Your Content


Building Your CTA

Polishing Your First Product

Responsive Design & Optimizations

Publishing To Live Site

Setting UpSEO


Analytics & Tracking

Introducing Analytics and Tracking

AARRR Framework

Setting Up Google Analytics

Setting Up Hotjar

Configuring Google Analytics & Hotjar

Getting Insights From Google Analytics

Analyzing Hotjar - Heatmaps

Analyzing Hotjar - Recordings


Sales & Marketing

Introduction & Basics

The Marketing Funnel

Creating User Personas

Sales 101

Reaching Free Online Communities

LinkedIn Sales & Marketing

LinkedIn Outreach 101

Growth Hacks

Facebook Ads 101

Basic No-Code Automation


Building Your MVP

Tools Set & Why

Claim Your Discount

Interface Overview

Creating Your First Workflow

Plugin Overview

Databse & Configuration

Conditional Formatting

Custom States And Crafting A Sigup Form

Creating A Profile Image Uploader

Connecting An API

Interactive Training

Three Paths

Selecting Your Template

Buying Your Template

Preparing Your Template

Connecting Stripe And Facebook

Making Design Modification

Resources, Support And Next Steps


Pitch Decks & Financial Forecasts

Introduction To Pitch Decks

Most Common Mistakes

Pitch Deck Format

Simplifying Your Communication

Design & Pitch Decks

Feedback And Refinement

Introduction To Financial Forecasts

The Math

Measuring The Uncertainty

Calculation Sheet

Concluding Financial Forecasts



Introduction To Fundraising

Path To Explore Before Fundraising

The Truth About Fundraising

Stages Of Fundraising And KPIs

Developing Your Outreach Strategy

Partner Network Offer

Your First Introduction

Your First Pitch

Resources on 1,000 Organizations

The Plan From Here On

Fundraising Offer

Yes, You Can Build It With No-Code

Some of the most powerful software solutions can be build with NoCode. Here's an example of what solutions you can build with NoCode.


Social Networks

Web & Native Apps

And More...

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One of my biggest hurdles was definitely building my first product. Either finding someone to build it or hiring a developer. The no-code startup was a huge resource for me. It really breaks down the entire process.
Ryan Kierstedt
CEO, Snackville
Christian helped us progress significantly and continued to track our progress. He was able to understand the founder's vision, consumer needs and combine it with an investors perspective for more holistic feedback. We are now funded and growing.
Geetika Agrawal
Founder & CEO, VAWAA
I love the program! As non-technical founders we were able to build and launch in only two weeks. Amazing support and so many free resources to build our business. Thank you!
Leslie Strauss
Co-Founder of Crewtify (UCLA MBA)
Christian has been my Mr. Miyagi. In just a few short months I feel completely comfortable in the world of fundraising and am partially funded, when only a short while ago I saw that as nothing but a dream.
Frank Eybsen
CEO, BuildLane

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