Frequently Asked Questions

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No-Code Questions

What is No-Code?
What can be build with No-Code?
Why is this a smart way to build startups?
How technical do I need to be?
How long will it take me to build my MVP?
How about Cyber Security?
Can I integrate AI or other services to my MVP?
Can I build an App with real time data?
What can NOT be build with No-Code?
Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) of my App?
Is No-Code scalable?
Where will my App be hosted?
Where is my data stored?
Can I build a HIPAA compliant App?

Program Questions

Is WeAreNoCode a platform or a program?
How long is the program?
What is the time investment per week?
What are the additional costs aside from the tuition?
This seems to good to be true, whats the catch?
Do you sign NDAs?
Can I only learn the No-Code part?
Can I join in a month?

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