Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is No-Code?

No-code, or visual programming is an innovative new way of building software (apps, web-apps and websites) without writing code or understanding coding language. It is a movement lead by a new suite of tools that allow non-techies to build fully functional software using visual interfaces with drag-and-drop capabilities. Think of it like a PowerPoint for app building. It’s much more user-friendly and can be learned in months instead of years. The future is here.

What Can Be Build With No-Code?

These platforms are similar to Wix, Squarespace or Shopify, but allow a user to build much more powerful solutions like mobile and web apps. In fact, no-coders have replicated platforms like Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, Zoom and AirBnb without coding. Whether you’re creating a messaging app, a social media, or a marketplace you can build it with no-code. Wondering if your app can be built with no-code? Explore our No-Code showcase  here.

Why Is No-Code A Smart Way To Build Your Startup?

Building your app or website with no-code is much quicker and cheaper. It can be learned in weeks and allows you to adapt your product quickly to reach product-market-fit in months instead of years.

NOTE: Building a startup however, is not only about building a product. It’s also about building a community of customers, employees and partners that will turn your product into a revenue-generating business. That’s why we created The No-Code Startup. Learn more here.

How Technical Do I Need To Be?

You don’t need any specific technical skills to learn no-code. That’s the beauty of it.

How Long Will It Take Me To Build My MVP?

If you are a complete newbie to No-Code, it will usually take a couple of weeks to build simple solutions and a couple of months to build more complex software.

How About Cyber Security?

When building with no-code you get to take advantage of the security layer built in by the no-code tool you are using. You no longer need to pay for security audits or cyber security specialists. This allows you to focus on building features your customers need.

Can I Integrate AI Or Other Services To My MVP?

Yes, if you want to integrate an AI algorithm you built or bring in external data (eg: weather, stock market information, geo-location), you can do so by connecting it via API. This means you can leverage powerful technology from services such as Google Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft or build your own.

Can My App Pull-In Data In Real Time?

Yup, that's what is call dynamic data. Be it weather data, traffic data or stock market data you can pull it in in real time. This will also will be done via API, and these connections can be made without writing a single line of code.

What Can NOT Be Build With No-Code?

Although there are new use cases every day, no-code is usually not recommended to build highly customized AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and 3D experiences. While there are services out there, they have not reach maturity. In addition, if you are planning to develop on the Blockchain or create Blockchain Infrastructure, No-Code is not the best fit. That being said, if you would like to be able to accept cryptocurrency payments (ERC20 Tokens or BTC) then this is possible with No-Code.

Who Owns The Code And Intellectual Property Of My App?

Here the rule is simple. You build, You own. All No-Code platforms we teach, do not claim any ownership of your IP (Intellectual Property Rights) or your code base.

Is No-Code Scalable?

The short answer is YES. No-Code tools can be used to build software that scales to hundreds of thousands of users. Once you go beyond that, coding or not, you will need to rebuild parts of your solution to scale into the millions. For example, Twitter, Facebook, Clubhouse and countless other apps (mobile /web) rebuilt their infrastructure to scale. In addition, if you reach 100,000 monthly active users you should have plenty of capital to invest into your tech stack. We call this a great problem to have.    

Where Will My App Be Hosted?

Your app will be hosted on the  No-Code platform you choose to develop on. These platform usually operate on Amazon Web Services. Some tools even allow you to entirely extract the codebase, make further modifications and/or select your own hosting provider. 

Where Is My Data Stored?

All data is stored in the app by default, but you have the option to have it stored on any 3rd party storage providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Storage or Microcan too.

Can I Build A HIPAA Compliant Startup?

Most no-code platforms are not HIPAA compliant. That being said, there are databases that are, meaning you can build compliant solutions with some research and work around.


Are You A Platform Or a Program?

WeAreNoCode is an educational institute for non-technical founders. Our mission is to empower the next generation of digital creators and democratize the no-code movement globally.

The No-Code Startup is an action-based program for non-technical founders to build, launch and monetize their startup without writing a single line of code. Think of it like a startup accelerator that teaches you powerful no-code tools and how to launch your app idea with them. Our program package includes a step-by-step curriculum, hands-on coaching, video support, a $300,000 discount package and a vibrant community of no-code ninjas.

We'd love to have you join the movement.

How Long Is The Program?

It is a 6-month acceleration program, and because we know startups are hard work, the process doesn't stop there. Post program the participants will keep lifetime access to our growing curriculum, discount package and our founder mixer events.

What Is The Typical Time Investment Per Week?

On average we see the best results are from people who consistently put in 2-5 hours a week. We also see great success from people able to build full-time. Our motto is that steady wins the race.

What Are The Additional Costs Aside From The Tuition?

Each no-code platform has a small monthly cost. Our program packages includes discounts, credits and free trials for most of the no-code tools we teach, but there will still be a monthly expense. You can expect to pay 20 dollars a month at first and eventually scale up to about 100-300 dollars a month if have a lot of users. A good example is a SAAS platform we built. It cost us 40$ to build and will cost us $250 to maintain for the next 6 months.

Pretty good right?

Seems Too Good To Be True. What Is The Catch?

Yes, sorry to break it to you. There is a catch...

We can provide you with all the know-how, coaching, discounts and community in the world, but the fact remains. Building a startup is hard work.

So literally...

Nothing will work unless you do.


The best time to start is now.

Do You Sign NDAs?

We do not sign NDAs. These documents rarely hold up in a court of law and the startup community on a whole does not use them anymore. This includs all institutional investors and accelerators. Also, our video support is private and you can choose to share as much or as little as you want with the community. Overall however, our members are very open and collaborative.

Can I Choose To Focus On The No-Code Part?

Sure! We are here to fast track your journey. If you are looking to jump straight into building, let's do it! If you are juggling a couple ideas, we can help with that too.

Can I Join In A Month?

Of course! You can join at any time.